Autossl documentation
AutoSSL:Python module to automate SSL certificates monitoring, renewal and deployment
Copyright:Copyright (c) 2019 Amadeus sas


autossl is a module for Python 2.7+/3.5+ that can be used to to automate SSL certificate monitoring, renewal and deployment.

This module can be customized with plugins mechanism to support any type of:

  • server: where the certificate is deployed, can be 1 or more server, potentially of different types
  • storage: where to store your artifacts (private key, public certificate, …)
  • tracking mechanism: how to track renewal process (ticket creation)
  • renewal method: how to get a new certificate (local CA, ACME protocol, ….)

It’s providing a command line interface with simple actions: check, renew, deploy. All configuration is provided thanks to blueprints in Yaml

It can then be run by any tool able to use a command line (cron, jenkins pipeline, …) to manage all your certificates from a central place.


For a basic installation, just run

$ pip install autossl

to support optional features, you may need extra dependencies, for that install autossl with corresponding keyword:

$ pip install autossl[keyword]

See available keywords and associated extra dependencies in table below:

keyword additional dependencies extra features
all all packages below all features below
acme acme renewal using ACME protocol
git GitPython artifacts storage in git repository


tests require few more python packages. To install them, run:

$ pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

Clone the repository, then to execute the test suite with your current python version, run:

$ pytest -sv tests


Bug Reports

Bug reports are hugely important! Before you raise one, though, please check through the GitHub issues, both open and closed, to confirm that the bug hasn’t been reported before.

Feature Requests

If you think a feature is missing and could be useful in this module, feel free to raise a feature request through the GitHub issues

Code Contributions

When contributing code, please follow this project-agnostic contribution guide.