Source code for autossl.ca_manager.base

import logging

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class CaManager(object): def __init__(self, ca_config, staging=True, storage_api=None, **kwargs): """Base instance of interface with CA to deliver signed certificates :param ca_config: Certificate Authority configuration instance :type ca_config: ssl.CertificateAuthorityConfig :param staging: Testing mode. Use staging or test CA instance (when available). :type staging: bool :param storage_api: storage API instance :type storage_api: storage.base.Storage """ self.ca_config = ca_config self.staging = staging self.storage_api = storage_api @property def is_automated_renewal_supported(self): """Check is current CA supports automated renewal :return: True, if this CA implementation supports automated renewal :rtype: bool """ return False
[docs] def get_signed_certificate(self, ssl_blueprint=None, csr_path=None, servers_api=None): """Get PEM encoded certificate using current Certificate Authority implementation :param ssl_blueprint: :type ssl_blueprint: ssl.SslBlueprint :param csr_path: path to CSR file :type csr_path: pathlib.Path :param servers_api: list of api instances to each server :type servers_api: list(server.base.Server) :return: PEM encoded signed certificate as bytes :rtype: bytes """ raise NotImplementedError("Method must be overridden in child class")