Source code for autossl.server.local

import logging
import os
import socket

from .. import exception, ssl, util
from . import base

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class LocalServer(base.Server): def __init__(self, crt_name, path, acme_dir=None, **kwargs): """ :param crt_name: :type crt_name: str :param path: :type path: pathlib.Path or str :param acme_dir: :type acme_dir: pathlib.Path or str """ super(LocalServer, self).__init__(crt_name=crt_name, **kwargs) if not isinstance(path, util.Path): path = util.Path(os.path.expandvars(str(path))) self.path = path if acme_dir and not isinstance(acme_dir, util.Path): acme_dir = util.Path(os.path.expandvars(str(acme_dir))) self.acme_dir = acme_dir
[docs] def get_description(self): return "[{} - {}:{}]".format(self.__class__.__name__, socket.gethostname(), self.path)
[docs] def deploy_cert(self, key, cert, **kwargs): try: for source_path, destination_name in [ (key, self.crt_name + '.key'), (cert, self.crt_name + '.crt'), ]: destination_path = self.path / destination_name destination_path.write_bytes(source_path.read_bytes())"Certificate/Key {} updated successfully on {} in {}.".format( self.crt_name, self.get_description(), self.path)) except IOError as ex: raise exception.DeployCertificateError( msg='Unable to deploy new certificate on {}:{}'.format(self.get_description(), str(ex)), original_exception=ex, )
[docs] def create_acme_challenge(self, token, key_authorization):"Deploy challenge for token %s" % token) wellknown_path = self.acme_dir / token wellknown_path.write_bytes(key_authorization.encode('utf-8'))
[docs] def delete_acme_challenge(self, token): wellknown_path = self.acme_dir / token if wellknown_path.is_file():"Cleanup challenge for token %s" % token) wellknown_path.unlink()
[docs] def get_certificate_information(self): path = self.path / (self.crt_name + '.crt') # certificate is missing on server if not path.exists(): raise exception.CertificateNotFound("Certificate missing on local server at {}".format(path)) return ssl.SslCertificate(x509_path=path)